Best Sites for Teachers!

What might have brought you to this website is the search for the best sites for teachers. Luckily you've found it!

This page is especially designed to offer you links to the best sites for teachers based on:

~Quality free resources.

~ USEFUL lesson plans, manipulatives, etc. that are for sale.

~Practical ideas and strategies for being a classroom teacher.

~Best sites for getting supplies or cash donated to your classroom.

~Where to consolidate your student loans.

Each of the sites listed below are sites that I've actually used at one time or another during my teaching career. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending something that I haven't already tried!

My annotations for each site provide some specifics as to what you can expect to find on that particular site.

Happy browsing!

Free Lesson/Unit Plans

Top Lesson Planning pages List This site simply offers a list of teacher sites that are popular with the search engines, and help put together lesson plans, create templates or use already designed forms for creating lessons - regardless of what grade you teach. Simply put, this list of links shows you, in order of popularity, the most-often visited sites for teachers. Find everything here from teaching science experiments to first graders, to teaching the Bill of Rights to 10th graders. A simple layout and well-placed search bar help anyone who is looking for just the right site for their teaching needs.

Primary Education Oasis The founder/creator of this site is currently a teacher still in the trenches like myself! She offers tried and true methods, activities and resources for primary education. Her site features hot topics in primary ed, as well as what you really need to know before becoming a teacher.

Dover Publications Super easy - just enter your e-mail address, select the grade(s) and subjects you teach, and free lesson samples are sent your way. I encourage you to take some time on this site and really look around for what works.

Sites With Great Stuff For Sale By far, my absolute favorite website as a teacher! For $40 per year, you have access to their complete set of tools for building worksheets, or ready-made worksheets and lesson plans. I delighted in getting lots of great reading material when I taught high school history. The readings are decent length, focused on a specific era or topic, and they let you select how you want to students to learn from the reading. It's a great break from textbook. edhelper also offers vocabulary material and full lesson plans as well for all subject areas. Good for ANY grade you teach!

History on the Net I could've included this in the "free" section, because the authors of this site merely ask for a donation price. You can access the info for free, but they highly encourage you to purchase their unit plans. The materials are very good, so around $15 for a full unit plan isn't asking too much. This is best for high school history teachers. The reading/learning level is roughly 9th through 11th grade. A very comprehensive website that offers not only lesson plans and worksheets, but opportunities to buy class-sets of books, weekly-readers and other great classroom tools. When recently looking on the web for how to teach students to write a book review, this site came in very handy! Take a good afternoon to really browse around this site and find all of its hidden gems!

Donations for You and Your Classroom!

Donors Choose At you can specify what kinds of materials you need for your classroom. The donors are then matched to you based on their giving the same item you asked for! Therefore they choose who makes the best case for why you need what you need. Give it a try!

Basically you create a list, some donors see if they can match anything you want that they have. I haven't had too much luck with this site, but it's worth a try along with some others. In other words, don't make it your only source.

Fund for Teachers This site offers grants for teachers, and other philanthropic opportunities. It also informs visitors to the site of Fullbright opportunities and sobattical information.

Ideas and Teaching Strategies Sites for Teachers

Advice for First Year Teachers Some very simple, friendly tips for first year teachers with the jitters! Enjoy the casual tone of this website, and heed the advice - it's very good!

Teachers Count

Not only does this site offer strategies and ideas, but it also recognizes that teachers have many unanswered, frequently asked questions. The extensive FAQ page offers everything from licensure/certification knowledge, to classroom management advice. Definitely take some time to check this site out!

Advice for Teachers I really just couldn't resist plugging my own site! But please go to the Contact Us page to let us know what else would be useful to you!

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