School Spirit Helps to Strengthen Unity and Commitment Among Staff, Students, and Families

What is School Spirit, anyway?

Many of us can recall what our high school or middle school mascot was. In middle school, I remember being a "falcon," and for some reason that small symbol held so much meaning for me. At sporting events that I either participated in or watched, knowing we had such a strong and intimidating mascot gave everyone in my little school a sense of value and pride. I can easily say we were "united" by this symbol.

Mascots aren't the only ways in which schools show their sense of pride. Discover teacher, education and fundraising tips plus motivational school themes specially created to promote school spirit while uniting staff and students in a positive and fun learning environment.

Some schools are ranked highly in their district, city, or state for test scores or honor roll inductees. Others have the highest matriculation of ivy-leaguers, and others are proud to be affiliated with churches, businesses, volunteer staff members, etc. There is no one way to judge a school's strength of spirit, but you definitely know a proud school when you see one.

I am on a committee that is responsible for organizing the graduation ceremony for the 8th graders who will be moving onto high school. I am expecting that the fund-raising efforts we do to pull this together will work well to make this ceremony a memorable experience for our students and their families. The theme we've decided to attribute to this ceremony is "New Beginnings." Since graduation usually takes place in the spring anyway, this theme will represent a rite of passage that students go through during their academic careers to move onto the next step. The site I mentioned above, is where I'm hoping to begin my research of how to best pull this ceremony together. I've given myself the title of Creative Director, so I will definitely be needing help.

This great site has lots of ideas to help anyone improve their sense of school spirit and pride. Like the rest of us who remember with nostalgia our favorite school's mascot, lets continue to pass these strong ties onto our children. If you think your school lacks in areas of strength and pride, consider asking parents, students, and of course other staff members how focusing on school pride might serve to improve student, parent and staff commitment.

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