Useful, Smart Advice for Teachers

Hello! As a fellow teacher, I know we're short on time, so I'll be brief...

I opened Advice for Teachers to offer as much beneficial information I could for all of my fellow teachers out there who look for resources, useful sites for teachers, or teaching materials throughout the course of the day, month or year. At this site you will find...

~ Lots of practical, friendly, and hopefully inspiring advice from a teacher who has made many, many mistakes in all areas of teaching (yes, that would be me). :)

~ Where to get the best free worksheets or teacher resources for sale on teaching fractions, earthquakes, or George Washington!

~Discover teacher, education and fund raising tips plus motivational school themes specially created to promote school spirit while uniting staff and students in a positive and fun learning environment.

~ How to have better classroom management at all grade levels - I learned the hard way, so hopefully with advice for teachers tips, you won't make the same mistakes.

~ A morale boost if you're feeling down, or simply overwhelmed.

Any teacher who enjoys seeing the fruits of his or her labor undoubtedly feels overwhelmed at some point (or points) during their career. I've learned over the years that the best way to get over the humps is to stick together, to talk freely about issues in the classroom, with students, or about the job in general.

Hopefully this site will help you through difficult times as you read stories from both my experience teaching in an urban high school, and that of other teachers. I will spend a lot of time updating this site, so new advice, tips and strategies will surface as you go throughout the year. Enjoy!